2016 Goals End of Year Check-In

As you may know, I wrote two post this year about my goals for 2016. The first one was in January and the second one was in July . Well, today I’m revisiting my goals and updating all you lovelies on how much of it I accomplished. Spoiler Alert: it ain’t much.



So just to briefly remind you of what my goals were:

  1. Goal 1: Read at least 12 books with a minimum of 5 being non class-assigned and of my own choosing.
  2. Goal 2: Write 6 pieces of work (articles, essays etc.) in an effort to get published. In my July check-in I mentioned this goal no longer being a priority  and putting a hold on it until it becomes one again.
  3. Goal 3: Call my best friend between 2-4 times a month
  4. Goal 4: Improve my proficiency in French by 2 levels in each category (reading, writing/grammer, listening and oral expression)



So, here’s the thing. Goal-wise, I totally failed this year. And do you know what? This is the first year I feel 100% okay with that.

I know many people see falling short as a bad thing, and I think sometimes it can be. But, this year especially, I’ve started to see failure as a stepping stone and I’ve learned so much about goals. Not only have I learned so much about goals and what does and doesn’t work when setting them, but I’ve also learned a lot about my self and what works best for me when it comes to sticking to them.



This year I did not meet my 5 non-class assigned books goal, I failed pretty miserably in calling my best friend regularly, and my French didn’t improve nearly as much as I had hoped for. I started (and have yet to finish) 3 books of my own choosing, my best friend and I (despite not having had called her very often) have bonded this year, and although I have come to understand French better, I certainly hadn’t taken an active roll in fluency.



Well, lots of things happened. But the most important things that happened were (1) I did not set my self up for success as far as planning the steps towards my goals and (2) I did not take an active enough roll in my success.

Of course, lots of life events happened too which played a roll in my success, but many of them weren’t enough to keep me from sticking to my goals, so I’m not taking them as an excuse.



I’ve spent much of this year researching about habits, goals, goal-setting, and discipline…and while I’m definitely no expert, I believe I now have the tools to be more successful this coming year than I was this past year. I have some goals outlined (yes, outlined) and I am starting to put into place some things that will help keep those goals in my face all year long so that I don’t have an “Out of site out of mind” problem.

I’m gonna be sharing some of my goals with you lovely people this year and I’m going to be sharing some of the methods I’m using to stick to them. So, stay tuned 🙂 .

Did you rock your goals this year? Or did you not quite make it to where you expected? What are you doing to do better next time? Or, what have you done to rock it? Let us know! 🙂

Happy New Year! Until January 😉 !

<3 Lae

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