Battling Negative Self-talk: Loving Yourself Even When You Don’t Like Yourself

You know how it goes. You wake up in a funk for whatever reason. You start to get ready for the day only to come to the mirror and realize you’re picking yourself apart, piece by piece…

“Stupid hair, why won’t it just do what I need it to?”
“I wish I was a few pounds lighter, I don’t feel attractive at all.”
“Look at this place, I’m such a slob!”

We’ve all had these days. We all have these days. They are the days that, no matter what happens, we struggle to appreciate or find the positive in anything. Negative self-talk is a challenging habit to break, but it’s not an impossible one. Loving yourself on days that you just don’t really like yourself takes effort. It takes intentional, reflective, disciplined effort. It isn’t something that just ‘clicks’ one day unless you’ve made strides towards it. In other words, it is an active journey, not a passive one.

In order to love yourself even on days you don’t like yourself, you must learn compassion, patience, gratitude and understanding.

The compassion is for going easy on yourself when you feel like criticizing every detail. The patience is for remembering that you are an ever-changing, ever-evolving human being and it takes time to be your imagined self. Gratitude is for giving thanks for what you do have and love because feeling gratitude helps you see the positive in otherwise negative moments. And understanding is for taking note of, acknowledging and reflecting on why you feel the way that you do.

Part of the process that is self-love is figuring out how you best learn to be compassionate, patient, grateful and understanding. Some ladies like to keep a journal and document their progress daily. Other ladies have close, supportive friends they trust and confide in regularly. The point is to find a method that works for you. Find something that helps you to dig deep and continuously practice loving yourself.

How do you love your self on a bad day? Share it with us below? 🙂

Until next time,
<3 Lae

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