I’m Back!: Where In the World Have I Been?!

Hey there! ūüėÄ

I’m back! Whew! I have to admit, I’m a tad embarrassed at how long ago my last entry was posted. But, let me tell you, I am soooo glad to be back posting here for you lovely folks.

The last few months have been an interesting combination of challenges and successes. In my last post I was living in Montr√©al and was in the process of moving back home to Southern California with my Mom… a fact I was not happy about. My mom is a great roomie and I love hanging out with her, but Montr√©al was already¬†home to me at that point and I was like a¬†6-year-old¬†kid being dragged home early from a sleepover, i.e. I was in a bit of a tantrum at the thought of leaving–an adult tantrum, I assure you (no rolling on the floor doing the bacon dance), but a tantrum none the less. So, in an effort to make this post a little less long than it could be, I’ll give you guys¬† a timeline of what has been going on in the last 4 months.

Where I’ve been:

August 1: My last post.

August 1 Р10: Pack to move and sell most of my stuff online.

August 12 (like super early morning): Good bye¬†Montr√©al, “Tu me manqueras enormement!”

August 12 (afternoon): “Hello L.A., long time no see!”, and I¬†visited many of my friends and surprised my best friend.

August 12 – 17: Stayed with my best friend for a few days and caught up with people I haven’t seen for a while. My best friend also hosted a¬†last-minute “Welcome Back” BBQ for my return; she’s so sweet ūüôā .


Me and my best friend Magpie for an overdue dance sesh!
Me and my best friend Magpie for an overdue dance sesh!

August 18 – 25: Sulk because I’m already over the heat that is the Inland Empire and I miss the metropolitan-ness and accessibility of Montr√©al. The Inland Empire is more or less a big desert¬†and you can’t get very far without a car, which I did not have at my sole disposal.

August 26: Hooray! Mommy’s back in town from vacation!! Then I did a¬†happy dance because I hadn’t seen my mom since April.

August 27: It’s my birthdayyyy!¬†I went¬†to L.A. to cut my hair off. (Yes y’all, I big chopped, it is all gone… well, mostly. But, it’s pretty freaking short.) Then went home and reflected on turning 25 and what this means to me in relation to my goals and aspirations. #ImSoDeep , just kidding. Maybe. ūüėõ .


My Mom & I hanging out :) .
My Mom & I hanging out ūüôā .

August 30th ~ September 25ish: Made petty attempts to pack and purge (I still had belongings packed from before I moved to Montréal, which I had yet to go through and give away, throw away or keep). Sulked some more after feeling overwhelmed by the amount of boxes and stuff I left behind.

September 7th-ish: Apply to Concordia University (in Montréal) for a Bachelors of Arts degree in French/English Translation.

September 26: Crunched some numbers and realize I do NOT want to take out another loan for school. Madly searched for scholarships and found a $20,000 scholarship I can apply for. The catch? I have to read a 1,168 page/561,996 word book and write an essay… and it’s due in 4 weeks.

September 26 – October 22: Yup, you guessed it. I came, I read (a lot!), I conquered. And then I wrote my a** of the next day and got the sucker turned in with 5 minutes to spare. Go, me! Excuse me while I take a moment to¬†pat myself on the back…

Also in this month, I:

  • Got fed up with being in¬†the Inland Empire¬†(the heat, no car to get around,¬†and¬†being homesick¬† for Montr√©al got to me) and decided to buy a ticket to stay with my Aunt in the DMV area¬†until I was able to get my Study Visa to go back to Qu√©bec.
  • Played the waiting game for 4 weeks until I finally heard back from Concordia with an acceptance letter; woot woot!
  • Made more¬†petty attempts to pack and purge my things; some attempts were legit, but still didn’t eliminate nearly as many boxes¬†as¬†I needed to.

October 24 and 25: Power purge my boxes, and pack to fly to the east coast.

October 27 – Now:¬†I¬†flew to the East Coast, filled out¬†paperwork¬†for my new university¬†and for the Qu√©bec Government, so I can cross the border legally. This may sound like way too¬†long to¬†fill out some¬†forms, but man, there were like 25,167,321,654, levels of people and processes I had to go through to get this done and quite honestly, I’m still not through with the process. #TheStruggle .¬†Canada (read: Qu√©bec) is serious about their border protection/immigration.¬†S’ok, it’s totally worth it to go back home again!


Okay, so maybe that was not very shortened from a paragraph-style explanation, but as long as it is, I’ve still left out quite a bit of detail!

What I’ve Learned

As I mentioned earlier, these last 4 months have been a series of set-backs and victories — more akin to¬†mini-meltdowns and pulling myself up by the boot straps — but I have learned some valuable lessons in the process.

  1. Do What’s Best For You. . .

Even if you don’t always get the upfront support you may feel you need from those around you. If you are clear that¬†something is right for you, then it¬†is right for you and you should always do just that, the things¬†which¬†are right for you.

  1. Proactivity > Procrastination

Ugh! I have to learn this lesson over and over again in nearly every stage of my life haha¬†ūüėõ . I’ve gotten better at it over time, but it still happens…a lot. Wanna know what lead me to this lesson? Hint: Read what I did from October 24-25th.¬† Yup, I didn’t finish going through all those boxes I was talking about before it came time to take my flight. Yup, I know, lesson learned the hard way.

  1. Fight for What You Want (and Need) in Your Life.

Do not let go of it for as long as it is your dream or calling. No one can tell you you’re wrong about your dreams, and though it may be nice to hear from time to time, you don’t need anyone’s approval for the life you make efforts to lead. If you need it, and you really want it, go get it. Any obstacle is worth overcoming for the things that will make you happy and serve you in life. There’s really nothing else to say about that.

So, what have you been up to in the past 4 months? Have you been as busy as me?¬†Leave a comment below! ūüôā


<3 Lae

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