Mother’s Day Gifts for the #MillennialMom

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So, I’m about to make a very typical blogger move in a very non-typical twist. That’s right, I’m giving you Mother’s Day Gifts advice. BUT, this is not your average Mother’s Day gifts advice. This list is for the Millennial Gal who seems to be one of the few left in her circle sans kids. This is a Mother’s Day Gift Guide to show your #MillennialMom friends some Mother’s Day love. Ready? Great!


1. For the #MillennialMom Who Just Needs Some “me time”


I think all moms deserve me time, but let’s be honest, not all moms have the time or resources to take an entire day off for spa-going or mani and pedi’s. This gift would give your Millennial mom friend a chance to take sometime away from the little one with out much effort. And it comes in multiple colors! Bonus: offer to watch your friend’s kid in the house while they take a short escape in their bubble bath with their new wine glass holder. It’s something new moms who have a hard time parting with their kids might especially appreciate because they know their kid is just on the other side of the door. Bonus x2: this also holds beer cans, so if your friend is much more of beer enthusiast, there’s always that! 🙂


2. For the #MillennialMom Who Will Ask For Help When She Wants It


Ok, so I’m usually hesitant to consider baby clothes that have words on them because, many times they say offensive or extremely gender-stereotyping things. But since this is a mother’s day gift guide and lately there has been more moms than ever before who refuse to feel obligated to listen to the bajillion (yes, a bajillion) pieces of parenting advice they get… I think this is appropriate. Obviously, your Gen Y friend’s kid would have to be young enough to fit this. Regardless, it is another great gift for first time moms, Especially if they’ve experienced being bombarded by loads of unwanted (albeit, often well-intentioned) advice.


3. For the #MillennialMom Who Can’t Take Enough Pictures

We all know how us Millennials love to take pictures. Add that tendency to the fact that most moms can not get enough pictures of their adorable kids. Well, with this electronic picture frame, they can display all those great moments without spending a fortune in printing photos and buying frames or, worse yet, keeping the photos forever in the dark abyss of their phone’s camera roll. Problem solved and happy momma!


4. For the #MillennialMom Who’s Dabbling in Minimalism


Or for the Millennial Mom who just wants things to look really, really neat and have everything not being used to be out of sight. Or the Millennial Mom who travels a lot. Or who goes camping. Ok, you get the idea lol. This would make a great gift for those Millennial moms who much rather have a practical gift than something that is just nice to have. This compactible hanger works great for any Millennial Mom who travels often (with or without kids ), goes camping on a reglar basis or just hates seeing too many empty hangers in the closet, but has a shopping habit (either for herself or for her kid(s)) and knows that more clothes are always around the corner.


5. For Any #MillennialMom or Any Mom Ever

You don’t have to be a mom to know that parenting is hard. As a Millennial with plenty of mom friends, I certainly have seen my fair share of hard mom moments… and I’m not even around 24/7! So I can only imagine how hard it can be behind closed doors. That’s why this necklace is a great gift to give your Gen Y mom-friends (or any mom friends), because sometimes moms just need a reminder to breathe and be in the moment.


I think these would all make really great gifts for moms, especially those moms of Generation Y. What do you think?
I think these would all make really great gifts for moms, especially those moms of Generation Y. What do you think? If you are a Gen Y mom, what’s on your wish list?

Until next time!
<3 Lae

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