My Winter Bucket List

Even though it’s been snowing here for nearly 2 months, Winter technically just started 2 weeks ago. Oh and the snow is so beautiful. I’ve been in Montreal for 2 years, and there are still a couple of winter activities I have yet to participate in. So, I thought I’d write down a Winter Bucket List. I’ve done things like ice skating (I did that within my first year here), but I still haven’t gone sledding, or even made a snow man since I’ve moved here.

1.Go Sledding

I think the last time I went sledding was over 10 years ago, and I really don’t remember it much. This was something I said I’d do the minute it started snowing when I first moved here. It’s officially my 3rd winter and I still haven’t, ack! Thankfully, I only feel the need to do this one or twice and I can find a cheap sled at the dollar store ;-).

2. Build A Snowman

I think I may have built a snowman once upon a time (also 10+ years ago), but I’m not sure that I have. Regardless, I haven’t made one since I’ve been here, so that definitely needs to happen this year because, snowmen are adorable lol!

3.Winter Hike Through Mount Royal

One of my favorite things about Winter is how gorgeous the trees look covered in ice and snow. I can stare at it for, seriously, hours. So, I’d love to take a little 30 min hike through the trails on Mount Royal this season and snap some photos. It would be just lovely.

4. Visit the Overlook  of the City

And since we’re talking about Mount Royal, I’d love to go to the city’s overlook up there and just look at the city covered in snow. This would be a great activity for after a fresh layer of snowfall. Ahhh, I can just imagine it already :).

5. Go to a Sugar Shack

Alright, so we all know Canada is very much known for it’s maple syrup. Well, did you know that there are full on “celebrations” for the Maple harvest every year? Ok, so maybe celebration is a bit extreme, but it’s definitely in the spirit of celebration. It’s feasting! Basically, there is Maple syrup everything (even eggs poached in maple syrup!) I’m not much of a maple syrup fan, but going to a sugar shack (basically a maple syrup farm) is just one of those cultural things you do when you’re in Quebec (and other parts of Canada as well.)

6. Make a Snow Angel

Yet another thing I haven’t done in over 10 years, except, I can remember the last time I made a snow angel. I know it’s a short, simple, small activity, but this would probably make my day. And I would probably take a picture of it and post it to Instagram.

7. Go to a Winter Festival (Here, it’s called Fête des Neiges)

I know my warm weather friends are like “What… people party in the snow??” Yes girl, we sure do. And if you have a good winter coat (a must if you live here) then it’s a lot of fun. There are lots of fun things to do like zip-lining, hopping on a Ferris-wheel and checking out the live performances. Super exciting! <3

8. See the Northern Lights

Realistically, this one probably wont happen this year, but next. That’s cool, I’m still sticking it on here any way. Cuz it would be lovely to see :).


What are some of your favorites Winter Activities? How will you be spending time in the snow this year? Le t me know in the comments!

Until next time :-),

<3 Lae

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