Tell Your Entrepreneurial Story

The other day I joined a blog challenge by Alex Beadon, called the Feel Good Blogging Challenge and this was the topic for today. Enjoy!

Tell us the story of how you became an entrepreneur!


I have known for almost all of my life that I wanted to work for myself.

I guess you could say my mom was the big influencer here. And you know, looking back, I don’t even think she did it intentionally; but that’s probably why it worked so well. I can remember being very young (maybe 4 or 5 years old) and my mom scoping out properties to build something new on, and saying “Hey, there’s a for sale sign on that building.” or “Oh, that looks like a nice property to build on!”, and by the time I was 7 or so I was pointing out for sale signs to her. Those, strangely, are some of my fondest childhood memories. What’s really funny is I catch my self doing the same thing now, 20 years later; and the first time I did it while she was in the car, all we could do was laugh about it.

At one point in time my mom had an idea for a fashion line that she wanted to make and call Sashay, and she put the idea in my head that I could design the kids version of the line and call it Sashay Jr. Some kids get big eyes about going out for ice cream or going to the park, but for me, it has always been starting a business with a cool idea and name that made my eyes and excitement grow (well…ice cream did that too though haha!).

Then we had another idea that we would create a line of dolls that came with a picture book about the dolls life (this was during my story-telling/drawing phase of childhood 😉 ) and no lie, I was super stoked about that idea as a kid. When I was 10 or so, I created a lemonade stand with my two cousins . We got one customer that day… ONE! And do you know what? I did not give a crap… I was through the roof at the 9 bucks she gave us, (she gave us an $8 tip because she was so delighted to see 3 kids doing something other than watching television for summer vacation… I guess you could say that was our first investor lol!).

At 16, my closest friends and I started a group with a cool name and MySpace page (yea, you read that right… MySpace), and we talked about making cool accessories (mostly cute, girly tote bags), and I can still remember all the stuff from Wal-Mart that was purchased to start creating it. And every job I’ve had from then on, I always looked at with entrepreneurial eyes. I’d always reflect with questions and statements like:

  • “How would I have done X, Y, Z differently if I ran this company?”
  • “This task could be done more efficiently if only ____.”
  • “I love this principle/acronym/business practice, I have got to include it when I start my business one day.”

And that has quite literally been how my whole life has been. If I go into a restaurant, I wonder how many hours of training they provide there employees. If I walk into a clothing store, I wonder how much back stock the store has. If I go to a mom-and-pop shop, I wonder what their entrepreneurial story is and why they decided to go into business for themselves, and what obstacles they had to overcome to get there.

It is not so much the idea of being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want that inspires me to be my own boss, but more so the concept of envisioning and creating something big and accomplishing a goal. And then hopefully inspiring others to do the same.

So I guess my response to today’s Feel Good Blogging challenge topic is: I have always been an entrepreneur and my mom was really the driving force behind that (Thanks Momma!). I can’t remember a time in my life where I wasn’t ready to start a business, I have always been this way and I am certain by now it’s pretty much in my blood.

Am I a business owner right now? No, no I am not…yet. But, you don’t need to own a business to be an entrepreneur in the modern-day sense. And very soon I will be an entrepreneur in the traditional meaning of the word as well.

What about you, what’s your entrepreneurial story?

<3 Leia

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