When You Feel Like Giving Up, Do This Instead

Hey Lovelies! The other day I came across a quote that was new to me and I really like it. Even though the quote is without author, I just had to share it because it, in my opinion, holds a lot of truth.


life is like a camera

“Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important. Capture the good times. Develop from the negatives. And if things don’t work out… take another shot.” -Unknown

The reason I fell in love with this quote is because it is such a great analogy for perseverance and resiliency. Everyone has a moment of wanting to give up from one time to another; it’s normal, it’s human nature. But, we mustn’t ever give up. Life isn’t perfect and there will be some really great moments and there will be some that seem too extreme to get past. But no matter what, you must take another shot! You are a remarkable human being and though it may not feel like it sometimes, you have something to add to the world, and the world wants to receive it.

It’s funny because, when I first read this quote, I only felt ‘surface’ emotions about it, and I did not think that it would get any deeper than that. However, now that I am delving into it more, the last part of the quote takes me back to a time where I almost lost my best friend, because she didn’t feel like she had a reason to take another shot. That was 8 years ago. And I swear, if I could go back to 2007 right now and tell her where she is in life in 2015, she would never believe me, because that’s how far she has come. And I truly believe in the deepest parts of my heart, that she is not the only one who is capable of taking another shot.

You too, my dear readers, can overcome anything. You can. You have the power. Bad things can and will happen, but there is always a lesson to learn in the process. Always. Consider the negatives in your life as a teacher; learn from them and then graduate. Move on to the next grade. Heck, sometimes you might have to repeat the same grade a second or third time to really learn the lesson. But, you must always.. always take another shot and never give up. We are students of life, continue to use it to learn. Keep believing that you can, because it is the truth.

I want to hear from you. Tell me about a time you decided to take another shot and keep going? How did you develop from the negatives? Do you know someone who needs to hear this message? If so, share the love!


Until next time learners of life!

<3 Leia


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