Why It’s Okay to Keep Some Goals to Yourself

Hey there, how ya been? Good, I hope.

If you’ve browsed around the blog recently, then you may have noticed that despite openly stating my Goals in 2016, I haven’t done so for this year. If you haven’t browsed the blog recently, well… now you know 😛 .

I want to always be authentic with you guys, so I will tell you why you haven’t (yet?) seen a 2017 Goals post. Who knows? Maybe my reasons will help give you some insight on your own personal goals and how to go about them this year. But first, do you know what a swimming can teach us about goals? Keep reading to find out 😉 .

To be frank, there are a few reasons. I’d be lying if I said fear had nothing to do with it, although it is only a small factor in this decision. Really, there are two main reasons.

The first is that I am still not 100% clear on what my goals for the year are. I am very firm in some of the things I would like to accomplish this year. Others however, I seem to be wishy-washy about. Like, one day I am super excited about taking action towards it and then a few days later, it no longer feels important. So, it would be silly to post something that I am not 100% certain about.

The second reason I haven’t written a 2017 Goals post is because some goals, I believe, should not be publicized. Even in my 2016 Goals post I left a few more personal, more private goals out. That’s something I’ve always believed. With some of the aspects of my life that I’ve sought out to change, I’ve always been more apt to tell no one and surprise everyone later. I’m not really sure why that is, but I think it’s just always felt more satisfying. And for some reason, I’ve always hated getting asked “How’s XYZ coming along?”, even if I’m just being asked about a simple homework assignment lol (just a strange pet peeve I’ve had for as long as I can remember.) So, being asked that question about certain goals, particularly really large goals, would really bug me.


But What About Accountability

I know, I know. There’s that whole “Have an accountability partner and you’re more likely to stick to you goals!” But, that tactic doesn’t really work for every kind of goal and certainly doesn’t work for every person. As a matter of fact, and you’ll have to excuse my lack of providing a source, it is said that telling a whole lotta people about your goal in an effort to be held accountable doesn’t always work. With that being said, I do share many of my goals with my mom. Why? Because I can trust her to listen to the goal (even the really large ones) without judgement and without the annoying “How’s XYZ coming?”, but rather a kind hearted “What are you up to these days?”… which usually leads into conversation about my progress anyway. I know, it’s almost the same question, but like I said ‘strange pet peeve’ lol!

Some Advice

So, I tell you all this because I want you to know, whatever goals you’ve set this year, it’s okay if you feel like you shouldn’t tell everyone, or even anyone. It’s okay if you only want to tell one or two close people. In fact, it might have a more powerful impact on the support you receive and your will to stick to it.

Sometimes constantly showing our progress to those around us is the way to go, and sometimes it’s more effective to look like a duck floating on water. Above water, nothing particularly interesting is happening just everyday life. But, behind the scenes (or underwater) is diligent paddling towards each goal.


Who do you trust to tell your goals to? What kind of goals do you prefer to keep to yourself?

Until next time Dolls!
<3 Lae

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